Colorado Lawyers Committee Accepting Help Requests from Small Nonprofits

The Colorado Lawyers Committee (“CLC”) is a nonpartisan consortium of 58 Colorado law firms dedicated to creating and increasing opportunities for children, the poor and other disadvantaged communities through advocacy, negotiation and other means.  The CLC recently announced that it would be pleased to participate in assisting nonprofits adversely impacted by the recent flooding in Colorado.

If a small nonprofit would like to request help from the CLC, the only restrictions on assistance are as follows:

  • The nonprofit making the request to the CLC must be an existing 501(c)(3) organization located in Colorado;
  • The CLC can only help with transactional type issues (no litigation); and
  • The nonprofit must certify to the CLC that “…the payment of standard legal fees would significantly deplete the organization’s economic resources or would be otherwise inappropriate.”

The best way for a nonprofit to obtain assistance is to follow the CLC’s usual process.  Please visit the Application Instructions on the Colorado Nonprofit Pro Bono Legal Group website and carefully read through them.  After learning how to get started, the nonprofit can find a link to the Online Application itself at the bottom of the instructions page.  If the nonprofit indicates within the application that the request is a “FLOOD RELIEF REQUEST” in the first line of the application, the CLC has pledged to expedite the request. Here is a screenshot of the online application, showing how to include such a request:

Once received, the application will be circulated as a request to CLC volunteers.  The CLC will contact the nonprofit as soon as possible to let them know if and how help can be provided.