NFIP Claims Due 60 Days After Flood Loss

The deadline for Colorado residents to file an insurance claim with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is 60 days after flood damage to an insured structure. For example, if the flood damage was on Sept. 10, the claim must be filed by Nov. 9. The flood event began in the mountains Sept. 10, 2013, and it ended Sept. 30, when flood waters flowed out of state.

A Proof of Loss form includes detailed estimates of the cost to replace or repair damaged property. Proof of loss substantiates the damage claim and is required before the NFIP can make payment. You should file damage claims with your NFIP insurance company and work with your adjuster to get the proof of loss forms.

To learn more, you can view the full FEMA News Release dated October 25, 2013. Or, you can also visit the website to find out more about filing a flood insurance claim.